All technical and industrial institutions and industrial training institutes and courses leading up to the diploma standard (non-university) and courses excluding courses falling under the control of the university are controlled by the Department of Technical Education, Maharashtra State. Government have set up two different councils for this purpose, viz., (i) the State Council of Technical Education to advise and make recommendations in respect of technical and industrial institutes and courses leading up to diploma standard, and (ii) the State Council for Training in Vocational Trades to carry out the policy of the National Council with regard to the award of National Trade Certificates in engineering, building and leather trade and any other similar trade as may be brought within its scope by the Central or the State Government.

The Director of Technical Education conducts the annual examinations in the courses approved by the State Council of Technical Education and awards certificates or diplomas to the successful candidates.

There are two institutions for technical education in the district managed by the State Government. Students offering technical group for high school examination from various local schools and others offering independent technical courses attend these institutions. The total number of students attending these institutions in 1965-66 was 250. There is a training centre for Gram Sevaks: at Sindewahi. Apart from this the Nav Bharat School at Mul runs an agricultural school for the benefit of the agriculturists.