Until 1885 road transport in the district was not developed. The only metalled road in the whole district was that section of the old Southern Road which connected Warora and Chandrapur, a distance of only 47 km. (29 miles). Even this road was until 1901-02 only partially bridged and the mails were often considerably delayed by floods. The Erai river was then traversed by a temporary bridge and roadway during The open season and by a ferry during the monsoon. This road was then the most important in the district as Chandrapur used to get all the trade from the haveli as well as traffic which the Mul bazar collected and handed on from Rajgad and the markets across the Wainganga and then passed it on in turn to the railway at Warora. A short but very important trade route especially for the north-western area of the district was the road between Warora and Wun. This road then proved a great avenue of the cotton and grain trade with east Berar and the Adilabad district in the ex-Nizam's dominions. Towards the end of the 19th century this road was classed as a first-class road. Another road, 33 miles in length, was commenced as a famine work in 1899-1900 and it connected Chimur with Warora via Shegaon and carried a fair amount of traffic. Northwards towards Wardha there was a road known as the District Council road. Prior to 1909 a road was proposed to connect Warora with Moharli via Chandankheda and from Moharli to Sindewahi.

Second only in importance to the above stated Chandrapur-Warora road was the road which linked up Chandrapur with Nagpur via Mul and Umrer. This was metalled and partially bridged between Chandrapur and Mul, 27 miles, and for the ten miles north of Nagbhir, after which the road passed out of the district, while for the 37 miles between Mul and Nagbhir it was laid with murum. The produce of the Rajgad and Wairagad and also that of the southern half of Garbori paragana and all the Brahmapuri paragana were sent to Mul and thence on to Chandrapur by the southern section of this road. Brahmapuri was linked up with Nagbhir by a gravelled road, 12 miles in length.

The central and eastern portions of the district were opened up by two roads which met at Gadhchiroli. Of these two roads, the more southerly one connected Gadhchiroli with Mul by a gravelled road, 25 miles in length. This road was constructed in 1894. A little to the east of Gadhchiroli it passed to zamindaris and afforded a good murum coated thoroughfare as far as Dhanori 21 miles away. The earthwork over a further distance of 15 miles as far as Muramgaon on the borders of the district was completed in the famine of 1900 and the road was carried on in the railway at Dhamtari in an easterly and to Nandgaon in a northerly direction.

To the south of Chandrapur, the district was prior to the famine of 1897 absolutely devoid of roads. In 1909, a road to Sironcha via Allapalli was under construction. The road was completed. It opened up the lower Wainganga and Wardha valleys and tapped the considerable grain traffic of the valley of the Pranhita, besides affording a connection between the timber depot of Allapalli and the railway. Another road was also constructed from Allapalli in a north-easterly direction to Muramgaon.

This shows how poor was the condition of road transport in Chandrapur district prior to 1909. The District Council then used to maintain roads of some importance between Brahmapuri and Gewardha, Gadhchiroli and Chamursi, Chandrapur and Chimur, Warora and Wardha and Armori to Mendki. It also then maintained 61 miles of village roads at an annual cost of Rs. 10 per mile.

In 1909, there were altogether 101 miles of metalled and 286 miles of unmetalled roads in the whole district. The whole length of metalled roads and 197 miles of unmetalled roads was maintained by the then Public Works department at a cost of about Rs. 60,000 per annum, while the remaining 89 miles of unmetalled roads were kept up by the District Council at a cost of about Rs. 2,500.

As late as 1947 the state of communications in the district was very poor. There were only 493 miles of roads in the year 1947. Of the 493 miles, 112 were under the control of the then Janapad Sabha, while the remaining 381 miles were maintained by the Public Works department. The roads then were classed into three categories: class I roads, class II roads and class III roads which measured respectively 274, 170 and 49 miles. As it was estimated on the 31st March 1951, the total mileage of roads in the district was increased by one mile only. The old classification of roads into three categories was continued till 1951. Thus compared to the expectations of road communications as envisaged by the Nagpur Plan in 1943, the district was very poor in road transport even till 1961. According to the Nagpur Plan, the district was to have 2,390 miles of roads. Under the revised Twenty-Year Road Plan (1961-81) the same target has been raised to 3,923 miles of roads which comes to one mile of road for every 2.56 sq. miles of area. In addition to the abnormal short fall in the road-mileage, the district suffers from lack of bridges on numerous rivers and streams interrupting traffic for more than six months during the year. At Present there are only 953 miles of roads grouped under the categories, such as, National Highways, Major District roads, Other District roads, and Village roads.

Taking into consideration the shortfall in the road mileage, especially in the local sector, various new road works have been proposed and taken up in the last three Five-Year Plans and many more miles will be added during the Fourth Five-Year Plan. About the mileage of the State Highways, there is no appreciable shortfall in the existing mileage and the target fixed. These State Highways however need considerable improvements and require a number of major and minor cross drainage works to bring them to the standard of State Highways. In view of the limited resources at disposal, higher priority has been given to provision of major bridges and cross drainage works in the last three plans. During these three plans work has been completed on two bridges on Wardha river, one on Wainganga river, one bridge on Dina river, and one bridge on Erai river. In addition, there are 33 minor cross drainage works completed during the last 10 years. These works have considerably improved the facilities of inter-district communications. The financial and physical targets of the last three plans are given in the statement below: ―


Plan period

Financial Provision


Mileage at the end of the plan

Allotment (Rs. in lakhs) Amount spent (Rs. in lakhs)









First Five-Year Plan (1951-52 to 1955-56).

Second Five-Year Plan (1956-57- 1960-61).









(12 cross drainage works)


Third Five-Year Plan (1961-62- 1965-66).


State Sector

New constructions 14.



Improvement works 90.


Bridges 7


Cross Drainage works 26.


Local Sector

New constructions Major district road 23.



Village road 116.


There is no national highway in the district.

Following is an account of important roads which traverse through the district.

State Highways.

Nagpur-Chandrapur Road via Jam-Warora.

This is a State highway which starts from Nagpur. Before entering the district it passes through Nagpur and Wardha districts. The road enters the Chandrapur district at mile No. 50/4. In its north to south course in the district it traverses the Warora and Chandrapur tahsils and is 44 km. in length. Its stretch in the district ends at mile No. 94/4. The entire length of this road in the district is black topped and is motorable throughout the year. In its course in the district it touches Khambada (52) [Figures in brackets indicate the mile number where the road touches the village], Tembhurna (60), Warora (67, R.H.), Bhandak (77), and Chandrapur (94, R.H., C.H.). The highway crosses the Erai river in mile No. 92/4 over a high level bridge, the Pothra nalla bridge at mile No. 52/2 and the Nandori nalla at mile No. 69/ 7. The Warora-Wani and Warora-Chimur roads take off from tills highway at mile Nos. 67 and 67 respectively. Of these, Warora-Wani is a State highway and the Warora-Chimur is a major district road.

Nagpur- ChandrapurRoad via Umrer and Mul.

This is also a State highway which starts from Nagpur.Before it enters Chandrapur district it passes through Nagpur and Bhandara districts. It enters the district at mile No. 51/2 and runs from north to south through Brahmapuri and Chandrapur tahsils. Its entire length in the district is 74.50 km. of which 33 km. are black topped and 41.50 km. are water bound maca-dam. The road terminates at Chandrapur in mile No. 125/6. In its total course in the district it touches the following villages viz., Kanpa (52) [Figures in brackets indicate mile numbers.], Nagbhir (61, R.H.), Talodhi (72), Savargaon (74. R.H.), Sindewahi (89, R.H.), Lohara (120), Chanki (117), and Chikali (119). The highway crosses the submersible bridge on Mul river in mile No. 98. Kanpa-Chimur (M.D.R., 52), Nag-bhir-Brahmapuri (M.D.R., 61), Talodhi-Armori (O.D.R, 72), and Palasgaon-Neri (O.D.R., 78) are the roads which take off from  this State highway.

Chandrapur- Allapalli-Sironcha- Pattagudam Road.

This is the longest State highway in the district which starts from Chandrapur town and runs north-west to south-east. It passes through Chandrapur, Gadhchiroli and Sironcha tahsils. Its total length in the district is 157.687 km. The road leaves Chandrapur border at 29.250 km. away from Sironcha and enters the Bastar district of Madhya Pradesh. Of its total length, 20.312 km. is black topped, 108.125 km. is water bound macadam and the remaining section of 29.250 km. is of murum. The road touches the following villages viz., Ballarshah (10, R.H.), Kothari (21, R.H.), Aksapur (31, R.H.), Ashti (43, R.H.), Laggam (57, R.H.), Allapalli (72, R.H.), Mosam (81, R.H.), Repanpalli (94, R.H.), Umanur (105, R.H.), Bamni (118, R.H.), and Sironcha (130, R.H.). The road crosses the high level bridge over the Wainganga river at mile No. 43.

(1) Rajura-Asifahad (state highway), (2) Gondpipri-Nandgaon-Khedi (O.D.R.), (3) Allapalli-Bhamragad (O.D.R.), (4) Jamalgatta-Asaralli (O.D.R.), and (5) Sironcha-Asaralli (O.D.R.), are the roads which take off from this State highway.

Mul-Gadhchiroli-Murumgaon Road.

This State highway starts from Mul in the district and runs from west to east, it passes through Chandrapur and Gadhchiroli tahsils. Its total length in the district is 72.125 km. The high-way enters Drug district of Madhya Pradesh at mile No. 72.125. Of its entire length 4 km. are black topped, 26 km. water bound macadam and 42.125 km. murum. The road in its course touches the following villages, viz., Wehad (14, R.H.), Gadhchiroli (25, (R.H.), Chatgaon (37, R.H.), Dhanora (46, R.H.), and Murumgaon (60, R.H.). It crosses the Wainganga river at mile No. 19. Mul-Gadhchiroli (O.D.R.), Saoli-Pathri (O.D.R.), and Wadsa-Armori-Gadhchiroli-Chamorshi (M.D.R.) roads take off from this State highway.

Asifabad- Chandrapur Road.

This section of State highway starts from Asifabad in Andhra State, passes through the Adilabad district and enters in Chandrapur district at mile No. 16/0. It runs from south to north and traverses through Rajura and Chandrapur tahsils. Its total length in the district upto Rajura is 16 miles. This section of the State highway terminates at Rajura in mile No. 32/0. It however extends further to Chandrapur via Ballarshah. The total length, of the road in the district is water bound macadam. During its course in the district, it touches the following villages, viz., Sondo (22, R.H.), Wansadi (26, R.H.) and Rajura (32, R.H.). The road crosses the Wardha river.

Major District Roads.

In the district there are 190/6 miles of major district roads. These roads are roughly of the same specifications as State high-ways except that they may not be asphalted or fully bridged. The importance of these roads lies in the fact that they connect important centres of trade and commerce with railways and highways.

Rajura- .Govindpur Road.

This is a major district road which starts from Rajura in Chandrapur district and runs from east to west. Its total length in the district is 40 miles. It enters Adilabad district at mile No. 40/0. The entire stretch of 40 miles is of murum. This road during its course in the district touches Chandur (22, R.H.), and Pardi (36, R.H.).

Warora-Chimur Road.

This metalled road starts from Warora. It emanates from the Nagpur-Chandrapur State highway via Jam in mile No. 66. Its total length in the district is 32/6 miles. It terminates at Chimur. During its course it touches Warora, Paroda, Salori, Mesha, Shegaon Bk., Bhendala. Chargaon Bk., Ralegaon, Khargaon,  Bothali. Khadshingi. Bandar, Zedegaon and Chimur. The road  crosses Uma river in mile No. 30/8. It is motorable throughout the year.

Chimur-Shankarpur-Kanpa Road.

The road starts from Chimur and ends at Kanpa. Of its entire length of 20/5 miles only a section of 4/3 miles is metalled. It starts from mile No. 33 of the Warora-Chimur road. The road crosses Satvanalla river at mile No. 35 and Kawarshi nalla at mile No. 50. It touches Chimur, Wadala, Karkala, Malewada, Jabulgata Malgalgaon, Siwara, Hirapur, Shankarpur, Kawadshi and Kanpa. The road is motorable only in fair weather season.

Nagbhir- Brahmapuri Road.

This road starts in mile No. 98 of Chandrapur-Nagpur State highway via Nagbhir and Umred. Its total length in the district is 12 miles only. During its course it touches Nagbhir, Kordha. Kiranti. Mendha. Tumadi, Kharbi. Makta, Delanwadi. and Brahmapuri. The road is motorable throughout the year.

Wadsa-Gewardha Kurkheda Road.

This road is the continuation of Nagbhir-Brahmapuri road up to Kurkheda and has a total length of 16/4 miles only between Wadsa and Kurkheda. There is a major bridge in mile No. 5/2 The road touches the following villages, viz., Desaigani, Visora. Shankarpur. Kalamgaon. Dogarmeta, Shelda. Labhe. Gewardha, Chikhali. Nanki, and Kurkheda. The road is motorable through-out the year.

Wadsa-Armori-Gadhchiroli road,

This road is under construction and when completed its entire length in the district will be of 32 miles. The road crosses the rivers Gadvi in mile No. 13/3, the Kbobargadi in mile No. 16/5. the Pal nalla in mile No. 28/4. and the Kathani river in mile No. 30/3. During its course in the district the road touches a number of villages. They are: Desaigani, Nampur, Wadegaon, Kurud Kondhala, Palora, Rampur, Armori, Thanegaon, Dongargaon, Dewalgaon, Kitali, Churmura, Wasa, Porla, Nagri, Nawgaon, Katali Chak, Salehara, Adpali, and Gadhchiroli. The road between Wadsa and Armori is motorable through out the year. while that from Armori to Gadhchiroli is motorable in fair weather only.

Ashti-Chamorshi Road.

This major district road takes off from the Chandrapur-Ashti-Sironcha State highway at Ashti and connects Chamorshi. It is an unmetalled road. Its total length is 20 miles only.

Sindewahi-Pathri-Hirapur Road.

This road starts from Sindewahi which is located on Chandra-pur-Mul-Nagpur State highway. Its entire length up to Hirapur is 21 /1 miles.

 Gadhchiroli- Chamorshi Road.

 This road takes off from the Chandrapur-Mul-Gadhchiroli- Murumgaon State highway. Its entire length is 21 miles, The road crosses Kesar nalla in mile No. 5/2, Yewali nalla in mile No. 9/4 and Nimgaon nalla in mile No. 16/6. It is motorable only in fair weather.

Other District Roads.

Amongst the other district roads, Sironcha-Asaralli road, Brahmapuri-Armori road, Warora-Madheli road, Gondpipri-Khedi road, and Chandrapur-Ghugus road are important.

Sironcha- Asaralli Road.

Its entire length of 19/4 miles is in Sironcha tahsil only. The road during its course touches the following villages viz., Adi-mutapur, Nadigaon Chak and Ankisa. It is motorable through-out the year.

Brahmapuri-Armori Road.

This road Passes through Brahmapuri and Gadhchiroli tahsils. Its length is 14/4 miles only. The road touches Brahmapuri, Udapur, Maldogari, Betala, Kinhi, Adsoda and Armori villages. It crosses Wainganga river in mile No. 13. The road is open for traffic in fair weather only.

Warora- Madheli Road.

Its entire length of 11.3 miles is in Warora tahsil only. The road during, its course touches various villages, viz., Warora, Wanoja, Yekona, Ranzurni, Wandali and Madheli. It is motorable in fair weather only.

Gondpipri- Khedi Road.

Of the other district roads, Gondpipri-Khedi road is the longest one. Its entire length is 25.4 miles. It touches the village Akasapur and then crosses the river Andhari.

Chandrapur-Ghugus Road.

Its entire length is 11 miles only. It touches the following villages, viz., Khutala, Chichala, Nagala, Mahakurla, Shengaon and Ghugus. The road is motorable only in fair weather.