Realising the importance of the radio as a medium of communication. the Government of Maharashtra introduced the Rural Broadcasting Contributory Scheme in this district also. Under this scheme the Directorate of Publicity provides radio sets to rural institutions like grampanchayats, public libraries and municipalities. The Directorate not only installs the sets but also provides for their maintenance and servicing. Dry batteries are provided to the battery radio sets.

The community radio sets are meant exclusively for the use of the public and the parties concerned are required to tune radio programmes relayed from the All India Radio, and especially the programmes for the villagers and workers.

For the installation of a community radio set the parties concerned are required to contribute Rs. 150 for an electric set and Rs. 170 for a battery set. In addition, they have to contribute Rs. 60 for maintenance which is inclusive of provision for battery and radio licence fee.

The radio licences issued during the year 1966 (1-1-1966 to 31-12-1966) were as follows:-

(1) Domestic broadcast receiving licences, 1,428.

(2) Commercial broadcast receiving licences 31.

(3) Concessional broadcast receiving licences 35.

(4) Demonstration broadcast receiving licences 2.

(5) Possession broadcast receiving licences 3.