A considerable number of rivers and streams especially in hilly regions criss-cross the district with the result that through vehicular traffic becomes very difficult at places where bridges are yet to come up. Ferries maintained by the Zilla Parishad overcome the difficulties and facilitate the transport of goods and passengers at such places. At present there are three ferries working on Wainganga river and are all 'A' class ferries. One is known as Hardoli ghat ferry on Brahmapuri-Wadsa major district road, another is Arsoda ghat ferry on Brahmapuri-Armori, other district road, and the third one is Haran ghat ferry on Mul-Chamorshi road. The ferry on Wainganga river in mile No. 19 serves 150 passengers per day. The revenue is collected by the society which pays Rs. 12,000 per year to Government.