Pedlars arc an important constituent of the trade system in the district. They do not necessarily belong to any particular caste or class. They bring the articles to the weekly markets and fairs on their person and in bullock-carts and dispose them off with small profit margins. They usually do not carry a large merchandise since they are required to move from place to place. Even though considerable changes have taken place in the patterns of trade and though its volume has been altered due to the introduction of the regulated market system, industrialisation, restrictions on the movement of certain items, etc. their important role as far as the local trade in the district is considered, has been considerably affected. The popularity enjoyed by them once has also declined due to the changes in the attitude and preferences of the people.

The pedlars make their purchases from the nearby market places like Brahmapuri, Warora, Gadhchiroli, Rajura, Sironcha and Chandrapur. They mostly belong to the district and carry on their trade during fair weather and festive and marriage seasons. At they come from the district, they are known to their buyers, and are themselves very well acquainted with people's requirements and choice.