Imports of Chandrapur district by the beginning of the present century chiefly constituted salt, sugar, thread, cotton piece goods, spices, provisions, foodgrains and metals. In 1905, the import of salt amounted to Rs. 3.09 lakhs, that of sugar to Rs. 4.2 lakhs and that of cotton manufacture to about Rs. 11 lakhs. Of these, about three quarters of the sugar was gur and came from Bangalore and Northern India, other kinds of sugar came from Mauritius and Northern India. Piece-goods came from abroad and other Indian States, thread from Bombay and country mills, gold, silver, brass and copper sheets, iron, zinc and tin from Bombay, country blankets from Hyderabad; Saris from Madras via Rajahmundry, matches from Bombay. Rice and kerosene oil were also imported to the tune of 60,000 and 80,000 maunds. respectively, during the quinquennium. About 6,000 cocoanuts were imported in 1906. The quinquennial (1902 to 1906) average of the total exports showed an excess of Rs. 8.52 lakhs over imports.

Salt, sugar, cotton piece-goods, spices, provisions, foodgrains and stationery still form the principal imports of the district. Their volume is. however, not known due to absence of statistical data.