I am very glad to bring out the e-Book Edition (CD version) of the Buldhana District Gazetteer. This CD version is a part of a scheme of preparing compact discs of earlier published District Gazetteers.

The Gazetteers for the various districts of the Central Provinces were compiled in the beginning of the Twentieth Century and the first Buldhana District Gazetteer was compiled in 1910. The volume was edited by Mr. A. E. Nelson, I.C.S. It contains authentic and useful information on several aspects of the district and is considered to be of great value to administrators, scholars and general readers. The revised edition of it was compiled and published in 1976. But the old gazetteer published during the British regime contained much valuable information, which was not reproduced in the revised edition. Therefore, the department decided to reprint Buldhana District Gazetteer (1910). Accordingly, it was reprinted in 1979. Considering its utility, need was felt to preserve this treasure of knowledge. In this age of modernization, information and technology have become key words. To keep pace with the changing need of hour, I have decided to bring out a CD version of this edition. It is also made available on the website of the State Government www.maharashtra.gov.in. I am sure, scholars and studious persons across the world will find this CD immensely beneficial.

I am thankful to the Honourable Minister, Shri. Ashokrao Chavan (Industries and Mines, Cultural Affairs and Protocol), and the Minister of State, Shri. Rana Jagjitsinh Patil (Agriculture, Industries and Cultural Affairs), Shri. Bhushan Gagrani (Secretary, Cultural Affairs), Government of Maharashtra for being a constant source of inspiration.

Place: Mumbai

Dr. Arunchandra S. Pathak

Date :26th January, 2007

Executive Editor and Secretary