The Taluk Reports of the original settlement were written by Major Anderson (Malkapur and Khamgaon) and by Captain Elphinstone (Jalgaon, Mehkar and Chikhli), and those of the revision settlement by Mr. F. W. Francis. The old Berar Gazetteer (1870) by Sir A. C. Lyall is a work of permanent value, and quotations from it have been freely inserted in this Volume. Large extracts have also been taken from Mr. E. J. Kitts' Census Report of 1881, which is still the main authority for the castes and religion of Berar. Part of Chapter I and a few of the articles in the Appendix have been written by Mr. Wilson, I.C.S. Mr. Fermor of the Geological Survey is responsible for the articles on Geology and Minerals. Chapter 11, History and Archaeology, is the work of Major Haig. The Sections on Botany, Wild Animals and Forests are based entirely on notes supplied by Mr. Shrinivasulu Naidu, Divisional Forest Officer. The Chapter on Agriculture is from the pen of Mr. Clouston, Deputy-Director of Agriculture. Mr. Currie, Deputy Commissioner, has contributed the Chapter on General Administration (IX) and has also read the whole book through in proof. The Editor is also indebted for information on various subjects to Mr. Damle, Pleader of Buldana, and Mr. L. G. Deshpande, Extra Assistant Commissioner. Mr. Hira Lal, Assistant Superintendent of Gazetteer, has given much assistance in the compilation of the Volume.




A. E. N.

30th June, 1909.