THE URGE TO ORGANISE VOLUNTARY ASSOCIATIONS serving a social purpose is ingrained in human heart everywhere. These organisations play a major role in the development of community life and also help to strengthen social solidarity. The voluntary social service is an activity of a self-governing body of people working together for the betterment of the society and community life as a whole by not only complementing and supplementing Governmental efforts in various fields but also by covering areas of ameliorative service which Government may not be in a position to do. With the change in the socio-political concepts and the acceptance of ' Welfare State' as the aim of planning and development, Government responsibility has undoubtedly enlarged. The State no longer can remain an idle spectator but has to take an increasing interest in multifarious activities. Individual has also become the centre of the new renaissance and resurgence that has become visible in the policies of the State.

For the realisation of a ' Welfare State ' both the individual and the State must work in unison and harmony. In this context the role of the voluntary organisations is unique. Government too has increasingly recognised the importance of such institutions and has encouraged and utilised the agency of these institutions for lending greater effectiveness to its own efforts. It is difficult for the State to take cognisance of every aspect of social life of which the individual constitutes the main plank. It is therefore, essential to have social organisations of the people with common interest. The activities of the State involve some element of compulsion, whereas in the case of voluntary institutions they are voluntary in nature and offer easy scope for an individual to develop his physical and intellectual personality. These institutions work hand in hand with the Government and are more complementary than competitive in regard to their relation with the State. The voluntary social organisations are getting wider scope in these days of the complex nature of human existence.

As the voluntary social organisations are formed by the people they are better aware of the needs of the people in the area and offer proper solutions to their problems. There are a number of such voluntary social organisations in Ahmadnagar district. Many times, they have to rely upon their own funds and donations collected from the public. Some of them also receive grants from Government. A succession of public-spirited and sincere workers who work in honorary capacities has facilitated the working of such organisations.