With a population of 9,174 as per the Census of 1971, Rasin in Karjat taluka is situated ten miles to the south-west of Karjat, the taluka head-quarters. This large village has a primary school, a high school known as the Jagdamba Vidyalaya and a library. Besides, it has a primary health centre with six beds, a family planning centre, village panchayat office, a rest-house, police out-post, a co-operative society, a branch of the District Central Co-operative Bank, and a market yard. The weekly market which is also a cattle market is held on every Tuesday. Among the objects of interest in the village mention may be made of six temples, two dargahs and two mosques. Of these, the temples of Mahadev and Devi are well maintained and deserve special mention.

The Mahadev temple is in Hemadpanti style and has nine domes to the hall or mandap, one dome to the shrine and one dome to the porch. The pillars are well carved with figures on their capitals. In the centre of each dome is a star-shaped carved stone. There are three shrines, the chief shrine being opposite to the door and the other two, one on each side of the hall. An idol of god Mahadev with four hands, is placed in the main shrine. A stone platform runs round the temple, above the level of the floor. The temple has an enclosure wall of about 150'X70' and a nagarkhana for beating drums, to its east. Close to the north of the temple is an old well built in cut stones with a flight of steps from one side. It is used for drinking water. There is also a lamp-pillar twenty feet high opposite to the door of the enclosing wall.

The temple dedicated to Jagdamba Devi, with two or three others, is said to have been built by a Vani about 1780, on the site of an old temple. The temple is well maintained and recently electrified. It has a hall or mandap of 30'x20' with fifteen pillars and an inner shrine of 20'x20' paved with white marbles. The door which leads to the inner shrine is covered with brass tin. The temple has a surrounding wall of about 250'X200' and 25' high. Its width is about 12 feet. The wall has arches on all the sides. Close to the east on the surrounding wall is situated a nagarkhana or a small structure with a roof and open from all sides for beating drums. The wall on the left side of the temple has an inscribed stone. The pinnacle of the temple is built in brick and mortar and small figures of men and women are carved on it. The top of the pinnacle is made of gold.

Two fairs are held in the village annually. A fair in honour of God Mahadev is held on Shravan Shuddha 15 (July-August) and is attended by about 1,500 people. Another fair is held during the Navratra utsav in honour of the goddess. About 4,000 people participate in the celebrations.