A small village situated about ten miles to the north of Shrigonda, the head-quarters of the taluka bearing the same name in which it is situated, Kothal has a population of 879 souls as per the Census of 1971. Wells form the main source of water-supply. Facilities exist in the village only for the primary education. The temple of Khandoba for which the village is famous is situated on top of a neighbouring hill. The temple is a simple construction of 15'X15' with the inner shrine admeasuring 10'X10'. The idols of Khandoba and Mhalsabai are three feet in height. In front of the shrine are kept five lingas. The old Ahmadnagar District Gazetteer published in 1884 states that the temple was struck by lightening which has left marks of its course without materially injuring the building. In front of the temple, within living memory, hook swinging was practised on the bright sixth of Margashirsha and Pausha (December-February).

Just fifty feet downwards of the temple are three water cisterns. The temple has an inam land of 125 acres. At the back of the temple is another small temple with a Sanskrit inscription on its door.