Located in 1835' north latitude and 7400' east longitude, with in 1971 a population of 3,798, Koregaon, a village in Karjat taluka, is situated about two miles to the east of Karjat. Wells and river form the main source of water-supply to the village. The village has a primary school up to seventh standard and a village panchayat office. It has a post office. The weekly market is held on every Saturday. The village has two Hemadpanti temples built in plain stones. One temple is about a mile away to the west of the village and has nine domes to the hall. It is still in good repair. The other temple is known as Koreshvar temple. It has an enclosure wall of about 500'X300' and 25' in height and a large door facing east. The wall is, however, in a dilapidated condition and it is likely that the temple of Koreshvar, which is situated at the north-west corner of the enclosure wall would be buried underneath if the wall on that side caves in.

The Koreshvar temple has only the shrine left with a linga and the images of Nandi, Ganapati and Parvati in white marble. The body of the linga is composed of four faces of Mahadev adorned with snakes. A fifth snake is on the narrow mouth of the linga-case or shalunka. The marble images are said to have been brought about 1730 from upper India to Karmala in Sholapur, and from Karmala, about the beginning of the nineteenth century to Koregaon. Such a linga is very rarely seen. However, the fine idols, for want of proper care, have become blackish in appearance and some of them have lost their limbs also. The shrine has a small door of about 4'X3' and a flight of steps which lead down where the idols are placed. The inner portion of the shrine is about 5'X5'. In the centre of the enclosure a small and simple structure is built in stone where a linga of Mahadev is placed. There is an old well with a flight of steps, on one side in the corner opposite to the old temple of Koreshvar. A fair is held annually on the full-moon day of Shravan in honour of Koreshvar and is attended by the local people only.