A small village situated to the north of Shrigonda, the taluka head-quarters in which it is located at a distance of four miles. Belavandi Kothar covers an area of 4.8 square miles and has a population of 620 souls as per the Census of 1971. Wells form the main source of water-supply to the village populace and scarcity of water is often felt. Facilities exist in the village only for the primary education through a primary school conducted by the Zilla Parishad. The village ' has a well-preserved Hemadpanti well or baro with a Hemadpanti temple projecting into it on one side. The temple has two main doors, one leading to the hall or mandap which has cobras on the pillar capitals and one leading to the shrine which is on the same level as the hall. In front of the shrine door is a Nandi under a dome. Over the dome is a place for raising water, and a stone waterway, running the length of the temple on the roof, empties into an old water trough. The well is supposed to be haunted and is not used. [Gazetteer of Bombay Presidency, Ahmadnagar District, 1884, p. 713.]