The dietary habits of the people in Ahmadnagar district are the same as in the adjoining district and do not need elaboration except a few changes that have taken place over a period of time.

What now forms part of the diet in common whether among the rich or poor is the habit of taking tea twice or even thrice a day. Coffee is less popular, though that habit also is spreading more widely now. Similarly, soda water, lemonade, coca cola and other various cold drinks have also become fashionable among various sections of the people according to their means. Ganja, bhang etc., are consumed by addicts but not on a very large scale. But tobacco is consumed in various ways. It is chewed and smoked and also taken in the form of snuff. Bidis are most popular. Cigarettes, cheroots are smoked by western educated people. The habit of smoking cigarettes is spreading particularly among the young people. While eating tobacco, the addicts mix it with lime to make it more astringent and stimulating. Chewing pan, betel-leaves with supari, i.e., areca-nut, catechu and lime is very common among all classes. Along with the pan, some people add cardamoms, cloves and other spices. Such pan is considered to be a help to digestion and is consumed even by women.