Nationalisation of passenger transport was effected in August 1947 by the Government and initially the services were started departmentally in June 1948. The administration of these services was subsequently handed over to a statutory corporation in December 1949 under the provisions of the Road Transport Corporation Act, 1948.

The services in the erstwhile Bombay State were divided into 16 viable units called divisions. After the Reorganisation of States in 1956, three divisions were transferred to the Mysore State and subsequently five divisions to the Gujarat State in 1960 with the formation of that State, thus leaving eight divisions in the Maharashtra State With the merger of the Public Transport Services, Nagpur, in the Vidarbha region and State Transport Services in the Marathwada region in 1961, two new divisions were created. The name of the Corporation was also changed from Bombay State Road Transport Corporation to Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation.

Organisation: The Divisional Controller looks after the division and is under the control of the Central office. He is assisted by nine officers who are charged with the following functional responsibilities:-

Administration and traffic: There are two officers who look after matters pertaining to these two heads. The Divisional Traffic Officer is in charge of traffic and the Labour Officer looks after all matters relating to labour relations with the administration and publicity.

Accounts and statistics: The Divisional Accounts Officer and Divisional Statistician manage these two branches.

Technical: The Divisional Mechanical Engineer, with the help of Divisional Works Superintendent, manages the technical side of the division. The Depot Managers are responsible for the working of the depots in the division.

The routes in the Ahmadnagar district were formerly jointly operated by the Nasik and Ahmadnagar divisions. The northern talukas of the district, viz., Kopargaon, Sangamner, Shrirampur and Akola, were under the then Nasik division. From 1967 they were included in the Ahmadnagar division which now has depots at Ahmadnagar, Sangamner, Deogaon, Shrirampur, Kopargaon, Parner and Jamkhed with a total fleet of 266 buses. The depot-wise strength of buses is: Ahmadnagar 71, Sangamner 42, Deogaon 38, Shrirampur 39, Kopargaon 32, Jamkhed 24 and Parner 20.

The employees are provided various kinds of amenities including in-door and outdoor games, recreational facilities through the labour welfare centres. Welfare facilities for workers' families are also provided at these centres such as sewing classes and Montessori classes.