THE BUILDINGS AND COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT AT THE DISTRICT LEVEL is under the dual control of the State Government and the Zilla Parishad. All the works relating to the roads below the category of State highways and the buildings required by the Zilla Parishad are the responsibility of the Zilla Parishad. The department in the State sector is entrusted with the task of maintaining the State and National highways and buildings required by the State sector. The responsibility regarding all minor irrigation schemes that irrigate less than 101.17 hectares (250 acres) of land vests with the Zilla Parishad.

The department at the State level is headed by the Chief Engineer to the Government under whom are the Superintending Engineers of Buildings and Communications Circles and the Electrical Engineer to the Government.

The Superintending Engineer is responsible for the administration and general professional control of all the works in charge of his circle. He has to satisfy himself that the system of management prevailing is efficient and economical. He is empowered to transfer and post Deputy Engineers and Overseers in his circle in consultations with the Executive Engineer. He is also empowered to recommend removal and transfer of Executive Engineers from his circle. He is also the authority in whom vests the supervision and control of assessment of revenue from irrigation works within his circle.

The Executive Engineer is responsible to the Superintending Engineer of his circle for execution and management of all the works within the district in the State sector. The works coming under the local sector are controlled by the Parishad Executive Engineer who is responsible to the Chief Executive Officer of the Zilla Parishad.

The Overseers are in charge of sections. They work under the Sub-Divisional Officers.

The Ahmadnagar Buildings and Communications Division was opened in April 1962 with head-quarters at Ahmadnagar. There are four sub-divisions under this Division, viz., Ahmadnagar Buildings and Communications Sub-Division, Ahmadnagar Road Construction Sub-Division, Ahmadnagar Bridge Construction Sub-Division, Shrirampur and Buildings and Communications Sub-Division, Sangamner.

The department maintains 856.32 kilometres of road-length, including 61.15 kilometres of National highway, with 27 major bridges and more than 100 linear water-ways. In addition, all Government buildings are maintained by this department. Since the opening of this division the work on about 21 buildings, 8 bridges and 16 godowns has been completed. The average total work-load of this division in terms of expenditure is about Rs. 70 lakhs.

Electrical Circle: The main duties of the electrical circle under the Buildings and Communications Department are execution of electrical works in the Government buildings and carrying out inspection of public installations as required under the Indian Electricity Act of 1910 and rules framed thereunder. The circle has also to work in an advisory capacity to Government in respect of administration of Indian Electricity Act and Rules thereunder.

The electrical circle is headed by the Electrical Engineer to the Government whose jurisdiction extends over the whole of Maharashtra State. There are five electrical divisions working under the Electrical Engineer in charge of Executive Engineers.

The electrical organisation was bifurcated at divisional level in the year 1964 into two wings, i.e., executive wing and inspection wing The executive wing is under the control of the Buildings and Communications Department, while the Industries and Labour Department controls the inspection wing.

There are five electrical executive divisions each in charge of an Executive Engineer having jurisdiction over one to eight districts for carrying out executive duties with head-quarters at Bombay, Pune. Thana, Aurangabad and Nagpur, respectively. These divisions are further divided into sub-divisions each in charge of a Deputy Engineer. The Ahmadnagar district comes under the jurisdiction of the Deputy Engineer, Nasik Executive Sub-Division, Nasik, under the Executive Engineer, Thana Electrical Division, Thana.