Pan-bidi shops are found even in remote parts of the district. They are generally established on a raised platform under a shade built by the owners, by the side of the hotels, cinema houses, railway stations, bus stations, bazars, etc. These shops are locally known as panachi gadi or pan pattiche dukan.

Some pan-bidi shops sell only prepared pan-pattis, bidis, cigarettes, match-boxes while others sell loose betel-leaves, betel-nuts, cigarettes, bidis, petty medicines, and other goods of daily use like soap, agarbatti, tooth-powder, etc.

As per the 1961 Census, 783 persons (746 males, 37 females) were engaged in retail trading of tobacco, bidi, cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Most of the pan-bidi shops surveyed in the district were small in size. The shop-owners purchased the various articles from the local wholesale dealers. The capital investment of a shop was between Rs. 150 and Rs. 1,500. Shops with a capital investment above Rs. 800 were mostly situated on the main roads in towns.

This occupation provided employment to a small number of persons.