Now-a-days public administration absorbs a large percentage of working population. This percentage has increased immensely since Independence. Government has placed before itself the goal of creation of a Welfare State. A number of new services undertaken by Government and local bodies for the convenience and welfare of public are required to be manned by a considerable number of employees.

As per 1951 Census, 12,115 persons (11,874 males, 241 females) were engaged in public administration, of whom 2,586, i.e., 21 per cent only were in rural areas. The Census figures reveal that the rural area of the district absorbed a very small percentage of the persons engaged in these services. The various services included in public administration and the number of persons engaged in these services as per 1951 and 1961 Censuses are given in tables Nos. 2 and 3.

The 1971 Census enumerates the number of persons engaged in 'public administration and defence services' as 7,844, of which 2,397 persons are employed in urban areas and 5,447, in rural areas of the district.