It is a purely voluntary organisation and its establishment is a direct approach to the public to come forward and help Government in emergency. It is intended to supplement the police in maintaining law and order and such other services when called upon to do so.

The organisation comprises of men and women coming from various walks of life who undertake to receive specialised training outside their normal hours of work.

The organisation in the district is commanded by a Commandant who is appointed by the State Government in an honorary capacity. The Commandant is responsible to the Commandant-General and to the Government in all matters concerning unit and sub-units. The units in talukas are in charge of Officers Commanding who are appointed by the District Commandant with the approval of the Commandant-General.

A District Advisory Committee has been constituted for reviewing the working of the Home Guards from time to time and to suggest ways and means for its efficient working.

The strength of the Home Guards in the Ahmadnagar district was 625 in the year 1960, and it rose to 2,000 in the year 1965, of whom 816 were trained.