During the pre-Independence period Ahmadnagar district consisted of eleven sub-divisions, viz., Jamkhed, Nevasa, Shrigonda, Shevgaon, Sangamner, Ahmadnagar, Kopargaon, Akola, Karjat, Parner and Rahuri.

In 1913, Pathardi peta was newly formed and the remaining area of Jamkhed taluka was re-named as Jamkhed mahal. Karjat taluka was similarly down-graded as a peta in the decade 1931-41. Shrirampur taluka was newly formed in 1945 and Pathardi and Karjat petas were upgraded again as talukas in the decade of 1941-51. Twenty-one enclave villages were transferred from Bhir district in the year 1950 to this district, and at the same time, 26 villages were transferred from Ahmadnagar to Bhir district and one village to Aurangabad district.

With the re-organisation of States in 1956, the district was included in the then Bombay State and since 1st May 1960 it forms a part of the Maharashtra State. For administrative purposes, the district was then divided in twelve talukas and one mahal, viz., Jamkhed mahal. The Jamkhed mahal was converted into a taluka with effect from August 11, 1967. The area of the district is 17,035 square kilometres and has, according to the Census of 1971, a population of 22,69,117.

The administrative divisions at present stand as shown below:

Names of sub-divisions

Names of talukas

(1) Ahmadnagar

(1) Ahmadnagar

(2) Parner

(2) Parner

(3) Karjat

(4) Shrigonda

(5) Jamkhed

(3) Rahuri

(1) Rahuri

(2) Shevgaon

(3) Nevasa

(4) Pathardi

(4) Sangamner

(1) Sangamner

(2) Shrirampur

(3) Kopargaon

(4) Akola