District Publicity Officer : The District Publicity Officer works as a representative of the Directorate of Publicity. Government of Maharashtra, in the district. He is in charge of the Publicity Office at Ahmadnagar. He works under the supervision and guidance of the Regional Publicity Officer at Pune. He acts as a publicity link between the Government offices and the press in the district. By keeping in touch with the various offices in the district, he issues to the press. news-items, write-ups, etc. His main work is to publicise the progress made under the development programme, through various media, such as news-items, articles and documentary films. He also arranges visits of the journalists and organises press conferences to provide an opportunity to the press to get first-hand knowledge of the developments in the district and the subject to be covered. He acts in the capacity of a correspondent at the district level and covers programmes and functions arranged by the Government.

He supplies booklets and information for being incorporated in various publications of the directorate and distributes and arranges for the sale of a large number of publications issued by the Directorate of Publicity. He keeps in close contact with officials as well as social workers, press and the main currents in the public life of the district.

The District Information Centre is an important aspect concerning the activities of the District Publicity Office. Government publications, various newspapers and magazines, maps, charts, models and publications depicting the progress of development works in the district are displayed in the centre for use of the interested public.

Under the Rural Broadcasting Scheme [The details of the scheme are given in Chapter 7 of this Volume.] the Directorate of Publicity distributes radio sets to the rural and semi-urban areas through the District Publicity Officer.