Transport facilities in the rural areas in the past were meagre due to lack of good roads. Except a few motorable roads and highways, most of the roads were earthen tracks which were impassable for four rainy months. The bullock-cart was then by far the only means of goods as well as passenger traffic.

However, during the last 25 years, considerable progress has been achieved and several schemes of road development and repair are now in progress. A number of roads have been constructed and repaired. The Daund-Manmad railway route and a number of highways, major district roads and other district roads touch a number of villages in the district.

The bullock-cart remains the most important means of conveyance to the rural populace. It is used for local transport of goods. Some middle class people and big cultivators in rural areas use bicycles and motor cycles. On most of the motorable roads State Transport authority is plying buses. [The Directory of Villages and Towns at the end of the volume also gives the nearest bus-stand and the nearest railway station to each village and town in the district.] Moreover, approach roads have lately been developed, with the result that the problem of rural transport in the district has been eased to a great extent.