Kharif and rabi are the main agricultural seasons in the district. The former commences with mrug nakshatra which usually falls on 7th June and continues up to the end of November. The pre-sowing preparatory tillage of the soil starts with early monsoon showers or even before that and the actual sowing operations start with the regular south-west monsoon which generally begins in the second fortnight of June. The sowing operations last for about two weeks. Paddy which is mainly grown in Akola taluka is either transplanted or drilled in the first fortnight of July. Bajri, groundnut, cotton and paddy are the principal crops grown in kharif season.

Rabi season starts from October onwards. The major rabi crops grown in the district include jowar, wheat and gram. Wheat and gram are sown in non-irrigated fields in the middle of October. Sometimes the sowing is continued till the first fortnight of November. The crops in irrigated fields are sown later. Wheat and gram are ready for harvesting by March.

Besides the principal crops stated above, various other crops including fruits, vegetables, condiments, etc., are grown in the seasons. Chillis, brinjals, tomatoes, etc., are transplanted in the second fortnight of June or mostly in the first week of July. Winter vegetables are also grown. They include cauli-flower, cabbage, tomato, fenugreek, carrot, etc. Summer vegetables are also produced near towns and market places. However, these are produced in irrigated land.